Suennen Shares 13 Rules for Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Investors

A Longtime Healthcare VC Just Posted Her 13 Rules For Entrepreneurs And Investors, And They’re Required Reading For Any Startup That Wants To Get Into The Industry
– Business Insider

Manatt’s Lisa Suennen, leader of the firm’s digital and technology group and its venture capital fund, spoke with Business Insider about her 13 rules for healthcare entrepreneurs and investors.

Suennen posted the list in a tweet as a response to billionaire Mark Cuban’s “12 Rules For Startups.” Key points on the list included:

  • “If the problem you’re solving isn’t keeping customers up at night, keep working.”
  • “Patients are the point, don’t forget to include them in the design and testing.”
  • “Investing in healthcare is not for the faint of heart—get a coffee because it’s gonna take a while.”

Other rules included guidance on payment, money flow, wellness and the role of women in the healthcare industry.

Suennen noted in her list that “women make 85% of healthcare decisions—make them a key part of the team,” citing a report from global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman. She also told Business Insider that it is important for the healthcare workforce to have enough women.

“You need diversity on the team,” she said. “It can’t all be middle aged white men.”

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