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Manatt’s Lisa Suennen, leader of the digital and technology consulting practice, spoke on a panel at the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals (SXSW) about predictive analytics, machine learning and precision medicine.

Held in Austin, Texas, SXSW is an annual convergence of film, interactive media, music and conference events held over the course of nine days every March.

Suennen spoke during a “Hope vs. Hype” session of the panel, moderated by USA Today Healthcare Policy Reporter Jayne O’Donnell. Fellow panelists included Kaiser Executive Medical Director and Chairman of the Board Edward Ellison, MD, and Northwell Health Senior Vice President Ira Nash, MD.

When the panelists were asked their opinion on precision medicine, Suennen said she felt positively about it and specifically about digital therapeutics. She noted that companies use personality tests during the interview process, and similar concepts could be applied in behavioral medicine.

Suennen also commented on the potential future of predictive analytics and noted that “Roche’s Flatiron Health freely admits that it has to hand-curate [one-third] or more of its data because it’s so poorly situated when it arrives, and [there is an] additional care burden due to false positives and more people being identified as candidates for a procedure than before.”

She also said that precision medicine is “still in its infancy” but 20-30 years from now, “we will have much more knowledge about how to choose interventions based on genomic factors.”

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