Polentz Quoted in Law360 on Coronavirus’ Impact on the Real Estate Industry

5 Ways Coronavirus Is Roiling The Real Estate Market
– Law360

Manatt Real Estate leader Michael Polentz spoke with Law360 about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the real estate industry. In particular, Polentz discussed issues hotels and conference centers are facing in relation to force majeure contract clauses and large audience events cancelations. Polentz specifically noted that there are disagreements over whether COVID-19 meets the qualifications of an unforeseen or uncontrolled event, saying, “we are receiving follow-up questions related to how the matter might progress if there are disagreements between parties [regarding] whether or not this is a force majeure situation ... A number of attorneys at our firm are researching how similar situations were handled with 9/11 to see if and how similar arguments can be made on both sides.” He also discussed the virus' impact on the construction industry, especially as it relates the transport of building materials from China.

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