Augenstein Discussed States’ Post-PHE Telehealth Laws with InsideHealthPolicy

States’ Post-PHE Telehealth Laws Could Provide Roadmap For Congress
– InsideHealthPolicy

Manatt Health Director Jared Augenstein spoke with InsideHealthPolicy about how states are moving ahead with their own laws to regulate post-pandemic telehealth services, and how these policies can serve as a roadmap for Congress. He explained that we will have more expansive coverage of telehealth services at the end of 2021 than we had at the beginning of 2020, an inference based on themes that have emerged within recent state telehealth laws. “States are grappling with how to regulate telehealth coverage and payment parity for commercial payers,” Augenstein said. He added: “about a dozen states have telehealth payment parity for commercial payers on their books, and more are moving towards that.”

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