McAvey Featured in Healthcare Innovation on Promoting Data Collection to Achieve Health Equity

How to Achieve Health Equity? Leaders Say Start Unlocking Race and Ethnicity Data
– Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation featured our recent white paper, which was co-authored by Manatt Health Director Kevin McAvey and Manager Alisha Reginal in partnership with Blue Shield of California, "Unlocking Race and Ethnicity Data to Promote Health Equity in California: Proposals for State Action."

In the article, McAvey pointed to the need to develop consensus around a common standard for collecting this information. He explained one of the core challenges right now is that even with those who dutifully and responsibly try to assess their patient and member population, they're often assessing them by different classifications, “which makes it incredibly difficult and oftentimes impossible to look across populations of providers and of plans to really understand where we are and where the problems lie.”



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