Newman Spoke With Healthcare Innovation on How Academic Medical Centers Can Promote Health Equity

Manatt Director: Nation’s Academic Medical Centers Need to Promote Health Equity
– Healthcare Innovation

Manatt Health Director Naomi Newman spoke with Healthcare Innovation about a report she recently authored titled, “On the Path to Health Justice: How Academic Medicine Can Accelerate an Equitable Health System.” The timely piece noted that as the country emerges from a pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted communities of color, academic medical centers (AMCs) are reflecting on opportunities to intentionally promote equity.

Newman told the publication that her work with AMCs as a consultant for over a decade helped inspire the report, especially as she examined how AMCs are rising to the challenge of addressing inequities in an effort to make it less daunting for other organizations. “The importance of AMCs in this work can’t be overstated, because they’re shaping the future workforce, they’re shaping care delivery, and bring innovations to the healthcare system,” she added.

As for how this always plays out more broadly, Newman shared that this framework and these strategies are applicable not just to AMCs but to the broader health care system.



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