Chatham Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Talent Becoming Entertainment Moguls

Why “Mogul” Is the Title Everyone in Hollywood Is After
– The Hollywood Reporter

Manatt Entertainment Partner Christopher Chatham was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter discussing how talent in traditional movie and television spaces are finding immense success in becoming business owners and investors.  

“This is the future,” Chatham said. “The talent in our industry are now leading investors, entrepreneurs and moguls in other industries, and it’s fascinating to see how these well-known Hollywood figures are strengthening their brands with these types of deals. This is a structural shift in our industry that is growing exponentially.” 

This shift can be a way for stars to pursue creative passions rather than worrying about income streams. Chatham continued, “Once you’ve monetized it, there’s a ton of flexibility and discretion they would not have otherwise realized…They’re driven by the story rather than trying to figure out their livelihood. It’s a huge difference. There are very few people who have that luxury in our industry, but that number is growing because of these deals, no question.” 

Chatham was also referenced for representing longtime client Hello Bello, an all-natural baby products startup founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, since it was founded, and he recently represented Next Century Spirits in its partnership with Seth MacFarlane for Bear Fight American Single Malt Whiskey. 

Read the full article from The Hollywood Reporter here.  



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