Fiori Quoted in STAT on Sickle Cell Gene Therapies for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Cutting-edge gene therapies could be coming for sickle cell. Will Medicaid patients be able to access them?

Manatt Health Senior Managing Director Anthony Fiori was quoted in STAT on the challenges and opportunities for Medicaid enrollees looking to obtain gene therapies to treat sickle cell disease. Because of the high costs surrounding this treatment, health plans are attempting to navigate how to find a price that provides returns without overwhelming Medicaid. Of the approximately 100,000 sickle cell patients in the U.S., about 30% to 40% are believed to rely on Medicaid for their health care, said Fiori. That means anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 sickle cell patients on Medicaid may be eligible for one of the upcoming gene therapies. 

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