Bach Quoted in VentureBeat Article on New Generative AI Tool

Adobe Stock creators aren’t happy with Firefly, the company’s ‘commercially safe’ gen AI tool
– VentureBeat

Manatt Entertainment Partner Nathaniel Bach was quoted in a VentureBeat article on a new generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tool that creates royalty-free stock images from a written prompt based on both licensed and open-source material.  

In the article Nat discussed how this tool was just the latest development in the ongoing discussion around GAI being trained by human-created content and what rights those creators have in relation to the generated works. Bach told VentureBeat these issues are not new and comes down to whether prior contracts cover future media.  

“Courts have wrestled with this and come to different decisions depending on how widespread the language is and how much time has passed since the contract was entered into,” he said. “So this sort of feels new again, with AI.”  

Similar to issues in music with generative software replicating artists’ voices, Bach said, “I think that one of the important things that’s happening now is that artists are speaking up and using their voices.” 

Read the full VentureBeat article here.  



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