Chatham Featured on ‘Dr. Phil’ Discussing Fighting Celebrity Scams

How Dr. Phil And Robin Have Fought Back Against Scammers Stealing Their Identities
– Dr. Phil

Manatt Entertainment Partner Chris Chatham appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show to discuss his work defending the titular star and his wife from scams using their names and reputations to take advantage of unexpecting consumers.  

During his segment, Chatham discussed responding to various false and misleading headlines and products that used Dr. Phil McGraw’s and his wife, Robin’s names and relationship to sell fraudulent products or services and how they’ve tried to combat them. Chatham said they used technology and the law to hold scammers accountable, including through cease-and-desist letters. He also noted the best way to combat this by “raising awareness and talking about it because people do not know the magnitude of what’s happening in this country.” 

Watch the full segment here.  



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