Greuel Quoted in Deadline Article on Hollywood Strikes

Gavin Newsom Could Help End Hollywood Strikes — But Not Yet
– Deadline

Manatt National Advisor Wendy Greuel was quoted in Deadline on an article about how and when Governor Gavin Newsom could get involved in the Hollywood strikes to bring the parties together. 

The Writers Guild of America began striking in May and was soon joined by SAG-AFTRA, effectively putting a halt on much of the television and movie industries’ work. As the tension between studios and strikers have continued over the months, Greuel said the timing of when any politician gets involved in a labor dispute is a delicate issue. 

“It’s that timing, when people say, ‘We have been clear about our positions, and the impact is being felt by both sides, and now we are getting back to the table,'” Greuel said. 

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