Greuel Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Complexities and Consequences of Writers Strike

As Writers’ Standoff With Studios Drags on, Political Power Brokers Stay on Sidelines
– The Hollywood Reporter

Manatt Government and Regulatory National Advisor Wendy Greuel was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on the recent Writers Guild strike, the role of elected officials in fostering an agreement between the two sides, and the indirect effects these such movements can have on adjacent businesses and individuals. 

The article explained the precedent of how “political power brokers” at the local, state and national levels have historically intervened in similar strikes by acting as intermediaries between the conflicting sides to address stalled negotiations and help find common ground. As a former L.A. City Council member, Greuel commented on the complexities of labor diplomacy, noting, “It’s not a science. During the 2007 strike, while I was on the Council, you saw that the restaurants were hurting, the hairdressers and the dry cleaners. There are [indirect] consequences that add up. Those stories filter out and can push people to the table.” 

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