Manatt Collaborates with Pro Bono Partner ICAAD to Host Legal Poetry and Art Installation

Manatt recently collaborated with pro bono partner ICAAD—a human rights advocacy center working at the intersection of law, technology and the arts—to host an installation of the visual poetry and art series Dicta in its Century City office.

The Dicta exhibit aims to explore law and human rights in U.S. history through poetry created from Supreme Court decisions on cases about the rights of women, Black people and immigrants, including landmark cases like Plessy v. Ferguson, Roe v. Wade, Brown v. Board of Education and Los Angeles v. Lyons. It seeks to educate on the timelessness of the struggle for human and civil rights, while also highlighting the progress made by legal activists.

During this event, artist Harbani Ahuja discussed her art and the goals of creating Dicta. She spoke on the disconnect between the law and justice and noted the more nuanced and contested relationship between the law, the courts and the rights of marginalized communities.

Manatt is proud to partner with ICAAD and Ahuja to help further educate the Los Angeles community on these important issues.

See the virtual exhibit of Dicta here.

For more information about Harbani Ahuja, click here.

ICAAD-Pic-1.pngPictured (left to right): Sirena Castillo, Donna Wilson, Harbani Ahuja and Jaspreet Singh

ICAAD-Pic-2.pngPictured: Dicta artist Harbani Ahuja



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