Mann Featured in Tradeoffs Podcast on State Medicaid Eligibility Checks

– Tradeoffs

Manatt Health Partner Cindy Mann was featured on an episode of the Tradeoffs podcast, where she spoke about the potential for a significant loss of insurance for adults and children when states restart the eligibility renewal process on those who enrolled during the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE). 

During the episode, Mann discussed Congress’ recent move directing states to run eligibility checks on Medicaid enrollees as the PHE winds down, beginning on April 1. She commented on how this may drastically impact millions of peoples’ coverage options as states struggle to keep up with three years of backlogged checks. “The concern really is whether people will become uninsured, even though they are eligible for Medicaid…or for marketplace coverage,” she said.  

Concerns about paperwork complications also may pose problems for those seeking renewal, Mann noted, as lost eligibility forms have historically resulted in coverage termination. Uninsured individuals often experience more significant delays in obtaining care, Mann said, adding, “It can also lead to other issues…medical debt, credit issues, even trouble getting jobs or renting an apartment.” Some states are adopting measures to expand their Medicaid programs, but many beneficiaries are expected to end up without coverage by the time the eligibility checks conclude in mid-2024.  

Listen to the full Tradeoffs episode here.  



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