O’Brien and Ingraham Quoted in Home Health Care News on Value-Based and At-Home Cancer Care

– Home Health Care News

Manatt Health National Advisor Donna O’Brien and Managing Director Megan Ingraham were quoted in Home Health Care News on how to achieve high-quality, accessible and affordable cancer treatment through value-based approaches and at-home care.  

According to the article, health systems and payers are looking to utilize value-based care, especially as the costs of cancer-related care continue to rise. O’Brien explained that a key strategy for advancing this care is to focus on delivery outside of brick-and-mortar settings. “Home care has a tremendous opportunity to manage cancer symptoms at home and would be a really good partner for cancer programs,” she said. “My advice to home care agencies would be to build cancer expertise, but build it with your hospital in mind in a way where you’re meeting their business and clinical care needs.” 

In response to the financial barriers presented by rising care costs, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is also pushing for increased use of home-based care. Ingraham noted, “With CMS being focused on trying to avoid returns to the hospital for symptom management, there’s an incentive for both the hospitals and home care teams to work in a different way going forward. An incentive to ensure that patients’ symptoms are being managed effectively.” 

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