New Webinar: Digital Health: Disruptive Technology or Just a Disruption?

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The digital health market is projected to reach $536.6 billion by 20251 and transform every aspect of healthcare. Which advances hold true potential and which are just hype? Find out at a new Manatt webinar. Click here to register free—and join us October 23 From 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET.

Digital technology is redefining every segment of healthcare—from drug discovery and clinical trials to patient treatment and monitoring. Healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals all make the top-five list of industries facing the greatest digital disruption over the next three years. What are the full implications of the digital revolution for life sciences companies? How are business models, research protocols and patient experiences being reimagined for a new digital age? And with advances being introduced at lightning speed, how can you distinguish the real promise from the marketing puffery?

Learn the answers at a new Manatt webinar, presented through PharmaVOICE. Click here to register free. The program will:

  • Explore how the digital revolution is driving transformation, with the patient experience at the core
  • Reveal which technologies are generating real change in healthcare—and which are just generating hype
  • Examine the frontier technologies fueling industry buzz, including artificial intelligence (AI), digital therapeutics, 3-D learning, virtual reality, voice and blockchain
  • Share high-value use cases demonstrating how breakthrough technologies are reinventing research, clinical trials, clinical training, patient education, clinical care, posttreatment monitoring, operations and administration, and the patient and caregiver experiences
  • Discuss the new market players leading transformative innovation across healthcare

The Food and Drug Administration will consider the first drug developed through AI in 2020. Clearly, digital advances are having a profound impact on the industry. Make sure your organization is ready. Click here to register free for “Digital Health: Disruptive Technology or Just a Disruption?” Even if you can’t make our original airing on October 23, register now and receive a link to view the program on demand.

Lisa Suennen, Lead, Digital and Technology Group; Lead, Manatt Ventures

1Transparency Market Research, Global Industry Analysis, 2017–2025



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