Now on Demand: “Leveraging Medicaid Managed Care to Advance Value-Based Purchasing”

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As healthcare costs continue to rise and stakeholders maintain focus on improving care quality and outcomes, payers are turning to value-based payment (VBP) as a critical tool for boosting delivery system performance. As the nation’s largest health insurer, Medicaid is no exception to the growing trend of rewarding value. Across the country, state Medicaid agencies are seeking to increase provider accountability for both the quality and cost of care—and many of the 39 states with comprehensive, risk-based Medicaid managed care are using those programs to help achieve their goals.

Exactly how are states leveraging Medicaid managed care to advance VBP? Manatt answered that critical question in an all-new webinar—the final in our Medicaid managed care series. We want to be sure you don’t miss any of the important information shared during the program. If you or anyone on your team could not attend the webinar—or want to view it again—click here to access it free, on demand. Click here to download a free PDF of the presentation for your continued reference.

The session shares findings from Manatt’s review and analysis of Medicaid managed care states’ VBP policies. Key topics include:

  • The context for the shift to VBP in Medicaid
  • Opportunities for states to set requirements on the financial relationship between Medicaid managed care plans and their network providers
  • An overview of states’ VBP requirements on Medicaid managed care plans
  • Key takeaways from Manatt’s 39-state survey of states’ VBP policies
  • A look ahead at what’s next for states as they seek new ways to drive VBP

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