Now on Demand: Nine-Part Webinar Series on Medicaid Managed Care

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More than 48 million Americans—close to 80% of the Medicaid population—are enrolled in managed care. To guide you through the unique complexities of the managed care environment dominating the Medicaid market, Manatt Health created a new webinar series, focused on Medicaid managed care issues and trends, that ran throughout 2018. To make it easy for you to view any sessions you may have missed—or want to view again—Manatt has created a new page that lets you access the on-demand links to all of the programs with one click. Watch the webinars that interest you free, at your convenience:

  • What Are the Top-10 Medicaid Trends to Watch in 2018?
  • How Are States and MCOs Redefining Care Management?
  • Children With Special Healthcare Needs in Medicaid Managed Care
  • The Changing Landscape of Oversight in Medicaid Managed Care
  • How Can States Integrate Supplemental Payments Into Managed Care?
  • Are Medicaid Buy-In Proposals Getting Traction?
  • Evolving Pharmaceutical Benefit Trends and Medicaid Managed Care’s Role
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Medicaid Managed Care
  • Leveraging Medicaid Managed Care to Advance Value-Based Purchasing  


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