When Experience Is Everything

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If you ask any social media-wielding user (aka the world), experience is having a moment. And we suspect that it’s going to be a really long moment that won’t be ending anytime soon. From record attendance at Coachella and Burning Man this year to sold-out tickets at the Museum of Ice Cream, Sleep No More, Color Factory and the various light art installations at museums, people are showing up big-time for these engaging experiences. Industry leaders such as Disney, Lionsgate, NBA and NFL are all placing big bets on building large-scale experiential entertainment to not only draw in paying crowds at high-foot-traffic locations, but also, and equally important, to build influence through these hands-on, and social-on, engagements. Alternatively, Meow Wolf is an impressive example of crowds flocking to a destination to experience a massive immersive art installation.

Retail is also looking to the experiential in hopes of drawing more foot traffic into malls, as evidenced by the investments in Dreamscape Immersive and Nomadic VR (check out “VR, AR and Emerging Tech for LBE Experiences" for more on the latest in the location-based entertainment industry). Retailers are also experimenting with new technology to enhance the in-store experiences. A few weeks back, we visited the Marie Claire pop-up concept store in SoHo.

Smart mirrors, interactive displays and in-store in-app purchasing were showcased. While still at the concept stage for retail stores, this is definitely a taste of how we can expect to see experience showing up.

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