FCC Approves 13th and 14th Sets of COVID-19 Telehealth Program Applications

NY State Government: Week in Review

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved its 13th and 14th sets of COVID-19 telehealth program applications, expending the total $200 million in funds provided by the CARES Act. Since the first set of awards were announced on April 16, 2020, the applications of 536 providers in 47 states plus Washington, D.C., and Guam were approved. Specifically, 74 New York State organizations were awarded a total of $32.5 million.

Below are the recent awards for New York organizations.

Association to Benefit Children—Children’s Mobile Mental Health Clinic in New York, New York, was awarded $174,270 for laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and videoconferencing equipment and software for the remote treatment of mental health conditions, including a range of pediatric conditions, such as anxiety and depressive disorders in at-risk children. 

BMS Family Health and Wellness Centers in Brooklyn, New York, was awarded $1 million for desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and data plans for patients, remote monitoring equipment, a remote monitoring platform, and videoconferencing equipment to provide care for the low-income patient population, provide access to specialists, educate patients about self-management practices, and monitor patient health remotely. The remote monitoring equipment and platform include devices that measure and wirelessly transmit information such as blood pressure, blood glucose and lung function to providers.

Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, was awarded $98,435 for laptop computers, tablets, and videoconferencing equipment and software to enhance virtual emergency department capabilities and telephone and video visits in multiple outpatient primary and specialty care departments.

Long Island FQHC in Westbury, New York, was awarded $636,834 for remote diagnostic and examination equipment and a platform subscription, tablets, laptop computers and desktop computers to enable telehealth services for patients across all sites for COVID-19 care and non‑COVID-19-related routine care, to conduct remote monitoring of vital measures to help monitor COVID-19 symptoms using devices, and to offer patients loaner smart devices to effectively engage in telehealth services.

Metropolitan Center for Mental Health in New York, New York, was awarded $22,708 for videoconferencing equipment and software to support voice and video consultations and other diagnostic services used to continue licensed psychiatric services and maintain critical treatment for the patient population.

Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York, was awarded $1 million for a telehealth platform, telehealth intensive care monitoring equipment, telehealth workstations, laptop computers, tablets and videoconferencing equipment to be able to triage patients concerned with symptoms related to COVID-19, to assist physicians from multiple specialties in treatment of patients with COVID-19, and to consult with and treat non-COVID-19 patients remotely and monitor chronic diseases.

Oak Orchard Health Center in Brockport, New York, was awarded $454,916 for laptop computers, desktop computers, videoconferencing equipment and remote monitoring equipment to increase access to healthcare providers via telehealth that will improve quality care outcomes for primary, dental, vision, pediatric and behavioral healthcare services.

Ryan Health West 97th Street in New York, New York, was awarded $749,766 for network upgrades, desktop and laptop computers, videoconferencing equipment, telehealth platform subscriptions, and remote monitoring equipment and software to expand telehealth services to reduce close contact and avoid risk of community spread of COVID-19 among patients, staff and providers, as well as begin remote patient monitoring to increase access to primary care and subspecialty health services.

St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, New York, was awarded $923,989 for telemedicine carts, a telehealth platform, tablets, videoconferencing equipment and network upgrades to institute mobile communications between patients, families and doctors; telehealth equipment for primary, specialty and subspecialty care, and psychiatry and behavioral health services; video capabilities and monitoring technology for inpatient services and remote patient monitoring for outpatient sites; and infrastructure equipment to support the telehealth services.

Syracuse Community Health Center in Syracuse, New York, was awarded $247,510 for tablets and a telehealth platform for medical and mental health providers to continue providing access to essential primary care and mental health services remotely while avoiding the need for patients to come to the primary location for COVID-19 screening and testing in Onondaga County.

New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital in Cortland Manor, New York, was awarded $713,611 for telemedicine carts, tablet computers and a telehealth platform to establish a telehealth intensive care unit that provides clinicians access to real-time patient data for multiple patients, to support healthcare staff with remote patient care during daily rounds, and to increase specialty care access via telehealth consultations to inpatient and outpatient sites.

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