Legislature Releases Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Hearings Calendar

NY State Government: Week in Review

As New York begins its state fiscal year 2024 budget cycle with the recent release of Governor Kathy Hochul’s Executive Budget Proposal, the houses of the legislature have released their calendar for Joint Legislative Budget Hearings. These proceedings begin with a hearing on Transportation on Monday, February 6, and continue through a final set of hearings on Housing and Workforce Development and Labor on Wednesday, March 1st, with 13 hearings scheduled to be convened over the course of the efforts. We have included a brief calendar of the hearing events below for you and have incorporated additional details in the Look Ahead section of this newsletter as well. All hearings will be streamed through both the Senate and Assembly websites, and will be held in person in Albany . Please reach out to a member of the Manatt team with any questions you may have regarding either these hearings or the state budget process more broadly.

  • February 6 – Transportation
  • February 7 – Public Protection
  • February 8 – Elementary and Secondary Education
  • February 9 – Economic Development and Arts (morning), Taxes (afternoon)
  • February 13 – Human Services
  • February 14 – Environmental Conservation
  • February 15 – Local and General Government
  • February 16 – Mental Hygiene
  • February 27 – Higher Education
  • February 28 – Health
  • March 1 – Housing (morning), Workforce Development and Labor (afternoon)


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