Manatt Insights Podcast: Titan Platform CEO Adrian Sexton

Manatt Digital is firmly dedicated to advancing the collective consciousness as it relates to the future of all things digital. As part of this ongoing effort, we will now be including a podcast as part of our monthly newsletter. Welcome to the newly minted “Manatt Insights” podcast! Each month we will hold detailed conversations with thought leaders and innovators in the digital space and provide our audience with an in-depth look at some of the most cutting-edge areas of digital media.

For our inaugural episode, director Ned Sherman sat down with Adrian Sexton. Adrian is the CEO of Titan Platform, a global smart content and device company that is disrupting multiple industries including entertainment, telecoms, artificial intelligence and IoT (connected homes). In this episode, we speak with Adrian about where he believes smart entertainment and IoT is going, the long-term implications of AI and machine learning, and the L.A. digital media scene at large. Take a listen!



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