Digital Innovation in Healthcare Does Not Need to Be an Oxymoron

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What Drives Digital Innovation in Health Care? A Recent Manatt Webinar Discussed the Myths and Realities on the Path to Innovation. Click Here for Information on How to Schedule a Private Digital Innovation Presentation and/or Consultation for Your Team.

Health care and life sciences entities recognize the value in digital innovation—and most are investing massive amounts of money in digital innovation initiatives. In fact, even in the face of revenue declines in response to the pandemic, 88% of health care CFOs do not plan to cut spending on digital transformation efforts, according to new research.

But what is digital innovation, really? What forms does it take, and how can companies think about it in the context of current business operations? How do you ensure you are creating an innovation culture and not just engaging in innovation theater? The program provides the answers, covering a range of key topics, including:

  • The true drivers of health care innovation
  • The types of innovation—from incremental change to category creation
  • The reasons digital innovation is critical for health care
  • Common innovation myths—and the facts you need to know
  • The promise artificial technology holds for health care
  • Key ingredients for successful innovation
  • Prompts to drive innovative thinking in your organization

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