Discover the Megatrends Remapping the Pharmaceutical Market

From the shift to new payment models to the explosion of mHealth to the creation of personalized therapies, powerful trends and disruptive innovations are converging to reshape the healthcare market. Patients, payers and providers are all facing transformational forces that are reinventing healthcare—and redefining how they interact with each other and with you. But which of the trends grabbing headlines are the true game-changers for pharma? How can your organization adapt to a radically changing customer base and excel in the years ahead?

Manatt Health makes sense of today’s tidal wave of change—and reveals the megatrends that life sciences leaders need to watch and respond to—in a new, educational webinar for PharmaVOICE.

During the session, you will:

  • Discover the megatrends that are re-creating the life sciences industry and how they relate to new thinking by patients, providers and payers.
  • Gain insights into each trend’s trajectory—from its current status to its anticipated impact.
  • Explore how the shifts in the patient, payer and provider landscapes will affect life sciences companies—and reinvent business models and relationships.
  • Examine the decisions and actions you need to take to help your organization successfully navigate a dramatically different market.
  • See each megatrend through your customers’ eyes—and understand their challenges, needs and expectations for pharma.                       

Because Manatt Health partners with major players across every healthcare segment—including 4 of the top-5 payers, 8 of the top-10 life sciences companies, 30+ states and leading health systems across the country—we bring you a unique, 360o view of each megatrend and its implications. Don’t miss this chance to analyze the change drivers remapping your market—and prepare to succeed in a new healthcare system.


Helen Pfister, Partner, Manatt Health
Annemarie Wouters, Senior Advisor, Manatt Health
Adam Finkelstein, Counsel, Manatt Health

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