Election 2016: Strategic Implications for Healthcare

Election 2016 is over, and Donald Trump is the president-elect. Republicans maintain control of the House and the Senate—and now have 33 governors and control 70 of 99 state legislative bodies. What does the Republican sweep mean for healthcare at the federal and state levels? Which provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are at risk and which are likely to remain? What can you expect to happen as a new administration takes office—and how can you prepare your organization?


Manatt provides the answers in a new webinar that reveals the key takeaways from the election—and helps you anticipate and plan for the changes that lie ahead. The session will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand the healthcare positions, goals and legislative/policy backgrounds of key appointees—and their potential impact.
  • Explore the post-election implications at both the federal and state levels.
  • Get the bottom line on what’s likely to happen to ACA and post-ACA reforms and fundamental health system trends.
  • Analyze President-elect Trump’s healthcare agenda and competing priorities.
  • Examine likely administrative and legislative actions across a range of issues, including drug costs, Medicare, reproductive health and employer coverage.
  • Identify “repeal and replace” policy options, including the key components of a replacement strategy and the hurdles to achieving replacement quickly.
  • Look ahead at likely Medicaid administrative actions—and challenges to expansion.
  • Track key events coming up this year—from the expiration of CHIP to pending decisions on the insurance company mergers, cost-sharing reductions and risk-adjustment payments.

With potentially vast changes on the horizon, this is a program you can’t afford to miss.

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