In Pursuit of Whole-Person Health: A Review of Drivers of Health Initiatives in Medicaid Managed Care

Mounting evidence indicates that addressing the social and economic factors that drive the majority of health outcomes, often called social drivers of health (DOH), can improve health, promote health equity and reduce costs. With this in mind, states are increasingly integrating requirements to identify and address DOH into their Medicaid managed care contracts.

In October 2020, Manatt Health published “In Pursuit of Whole Person Health: A Review of Social Determinants of Health Initiatives in Medicaid Managed Care Contracts and 1115 Waivers” that identified common, emergent and leading-edge state practices to address DOH in 39 states and territories that have managed care. Now, Manatt Health has refreshed that analysis, sharing new insights from a detailed review of 15 states that made significant changes to DOH requirements in their contracts. In a new webinar, we share key findings from our latest research—and discuss new strategies and next steps. Key topics include:

  • Innovations and highlights from our newest research, including fresh insights on cutting-edge topics such as the use of in lieu of services (ILOS), community investment requirements, and DOH-related data sharing and reporting requirements
  • Insights on how states are prompting plans to redress health disparities and advance health equity
  • Anticipated DOH developments on the horizon
  • A panel of leaders charting the path to accountability, including firsthand experiences, real-world examples and key takeaways

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  • Naomi Newman, Managing Director, Manatt Health
  • Mandy Ferguson, Senior Manager, Manatt Health
  • Stacie Weeks, JD, Deputy Administrator of the Nevada Division of Health Financing and Policy
  • Lori Coyner, Senior Medicaid Policy Advisor of the Oregon Health Authority

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