"Manatt on Medicaid" Webinar Series: Reforming Medicaid’s LTSS System

Medicaid continues to gain scale and importance—both as the leading source of health coverage for Americans and a driver of reform in the healthcare marketplace. To give you in-depth insight into the forces reshaping Medicaid, their impact on the future and their implications for stakeholders, Manatt Health has created a new webinar series. This is the second program in the series and will resume in the fall with added critical topics.


LTSS is undergoing massive expansion, fueled by an aging population and rising demand from people with disabilities and chronic conditions. This session will explore LTSS’s critical role in the care continuum. Learn about key trends affecting LTSS utilization and spending—and why Medicaid is disproportionately impacted. Explore state efforts to integrate comprehensive care for people who need LTSS, and examine recent developments in LTSS delivery system and payment reform.

Additional Presenter:
Carol Raphael, Senior Advisor



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