Social Media for Healthcare: Optimizing Opportunities, Overcoming Legal Risks

The rise of social media platforms has opened powerful opportunities for healthcare organizations to develop personalized strategies that engage consumers—and improve their health. The potential of these new platforms, however, can be offset by their legal risks. The emergence of groundbreaking tools—such as the recent launch of HealthTap using Facebook Messenger to target information to consumers based on their health symptoms and concerns—is raising pressing new privacy questions for providers and plans.

In a new, free webinar, Manatt examines the latest social media breakthroughs in the context of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other consumer protection standards. The session will:

  • Explore the latest social media tools and approaches for healthcare organizations.
  • Examine real-world scenarios for putting the power of social media into practice while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other consumer protections.
  • Analyze the latest legal decisions around privacy and their implications for healthcare entities, including Spokeo, Practice Fusion and LabMD.
  • Reveal the consumer protection and privacy statutes you need to consider before using Facebook Messenger.
  • Explain how social media metadata is used, shared—and protected.

Even if you can’t make our original airing on October 4, register free now—and we’ll send you a link to view this “can’t miss” program on demand.

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