The Role of State-Based Marketplaces in Advancing Health Equity

Join Manatt for the Fourth of Our Imperatives Deep-Dive Sessions on the Topics You Voted Most Important to You.

There are currently a record-breaking 12.2 million Americans enrolled in coverage through health care Marketplaces, with 2.8 million newly gaining access through the 2021 Special Enrollment Period. Created under the Affordable Care Act, the Marketplaces have a central goal of expanding access to affordable health insurance, with a more recent focus on reducing racial and ethnic enrollment disparities and health inequities. From 2020 to 2022, the number of Black and Latino enrollees at experienced the largest increase in enrollment (49% and 53%, respectively). Even though there has been substantial progress, there is significant work still to be done to advance equitable access. Several states have begun to put creative programs in place specifically focused on improving health equity and ensuring accountability for meeting equity goals.

In a new webinar—the fourth in our Imperatives series on the topics you voted most important to you—Manatt will lead a discussion with state leaders examining the innovative strategies State-Based Marketplaces are implementing to address health disparities. Key topics will include:

  • A reminder of key terminology for discussing race and equity issues
  • An overview of how specific tactics—including those related to plan design, networks, data collection and usage, and consumer engagement—can be applied in the Marketplaces
  • Real-world opportunities to drive change, overcome barriers, and understand key lessons applicable to other states and stakeholders, including:
    • A look at one state’s working group on Social Justice and Health Disparities
    • A discussion of extending equity principles to the commercial market
    • A review of state approaches to ensuring networks are culturally competent and reflect consumers being served


  • Linda Elam, Managing Director, Manatt Health
  • Tara Straw, Senior Advisor, Manatt Health
  • Purvee Parekh Kempf, Deputy Executive Director, DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority
  • Leann Johnson, Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, Oregon Health Authority
  • Kyla Hoskins, Colorado Option Director, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Date and Time:

Wednesday, December 14

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