The Votes Are In—Now What?

What the November Elections Mean for Your Business in 2019

The November election is over. But the outcome will resonate far beyond 2018. As the new Congress, Governor-elect Newsom and the new California Legislature prepare to take office, find out what is coming, how the changes will shape state policies and priorities, and how you can prepare for what’s next.

Join Manatt thought leaders and political insiders who have spent decades in federal and California state government on both sides of the aisle as they provide key insights about the changes that lie ahead in 2019. The program gives you the opportunity to:

  • Understand what the new Congress means for national and California state policies
  • Appreciate where the U.S. and California can collaborate and where they won’t
  • Explore what 2019 might mean for climate change, environmental policy, water policy, taxes, international trade and tariffs, and antitrust enforcement
  • Understand the implications on 2019 policy of the results of statewide ballot measures, including the gas tax, rent control and dialysis measures
  • Learn whether California’s Privacy and Data Protection Act of 2018 will force Congress and the Trump administration to adopt a national consumer protection policy

With big changes ahead for the nation and for the nation-state of California, this is a program you can’t miss.

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Kathleen Brown, Partner, Government and Regulatory Practice, and Former California State Treasurer

Jack Quinn, Chair, Federal Regulatory and Government Practice Group
Gregg Nunziata, Partner, Government and Regulatory Practice
Delilah L. Clay, Legislative and Regulatory Advisor
Richard Costigan, Senior Director of State and Government Affairs
Che Salinas, Counsel, Government and Regulatory

Date and Time
Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018

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