What’s Next for Marketplaces

Trends in a Post-King World

In the historic King v. Burwell decision, the Supreme Court upheld tax subsidies—preserving health security for the 6.4 million people whose coverage was in jeopardy and removing the immediate threat of individual market disruption.

After the initial relief, what are the next steps—and new challenges—for states? What new marketplace models will they be considering? How will state-based marketplaces adapt to ensure sustainability? Will states reassert their oversight in regulating their insurance markets and protecting their consumers? What are the implications for Medicaid expansion? How might states partner with the federal government in expanding access, reforming healthcare delivery, and improving care? And will State Innovation (1332) Waivers be a game changer?

Discover the answers at a new, free webinar from Manatt Health, “What’s Next for Marketplaces: Trends in a Post-King World.” We’ll provide a full analysis of what the decision means and how it impacts emerging trends in the healthcare landscape.

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