What Are the Five Megatrends Driving the Seismic Shift in Healthcare, and How Should Pharma Respond?

Fee-for-service will take its last gasp. Medicaid ranks will swell to 91 million by 2023. Twenty percent of U.S. hospitals will merge in the next five to seven years. The number of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) ballooned from 41 in 2010 to 606 in 2013, demonstrating the "volume to value" revolution in U.S. medicine. These are just a few of the powerful forces converging to reinvent healthcare. But which of the trends making headlines will be the true game changers for pharma? What does your organization need to know—and do—to excel in the volatile years ahead?

Manatt’s healthcare team makes sense of today’s tidal wave of change—and reveals the five megatrends pharma leaders need to watch and respond to—in a webinar: "The Five Megatrends Shaping Pharma’s Next Decade." During the session, you will:

  • Discover the five megatrends that will redefine the life sciences industry over the next 10 years.
  • Gain insights into each trend’s evolution—from its current status and drivers to its anticipated impact and outcomes.
  • Explore how the five transformational trends will affect life sciences companies, as well as their customers and partners, reinventing business models and relationships.
  • Examine the decisions and actions you need to take to help your organization successfully navigate a radically changing market.

In addition, because Manatt works with key healthcare stakeholders—including 4 of the top 5 payers, 6 of the top 10 life sciences companies, 20-plus states and many of the most influential foundations and associations—we bring you a unique, 360-degree view of each critical trend. You’ll see the coming changes through your customers' eyes, and understand their concerns, their plans and their expectations for pharma.

With the number of hospital beds declining, new care models flourishing, physician shortages looming and value taking center stage, clearly you will be marketing into a dramatically different environment over the coming decade. Don’t miss this chance to home in on the five key megatrends for pharma…what they mean for your business…and how you can prepare to succeed in the new healthcare system.

Additional Presenter:
Nancy McGee

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