What Are the Megatrends Shaping Data-Driven Healthcare?

Learn the answer from our Manatt webinar and discover how applying analytics can help you achieve your strategic goals.

For state health programs, payers, providers and life sciences companies, data and analytics have become essential to facilitating efficient and effective healthcare delivery. The right data assets and analytics expertise are core requirements for ensuring access to care, optimizing population health initiatives, and achieving quality and financial goals.

Which healthcare megatrends have transformed using data and analytics from an option to a necessity? How are public and private healthcare organizations collecting, sharing, analyzing and applying data to meet their strategic objectives? What do you need to know about what’s next in analytics to stay ahead of the curve? Find out at a new Manatt webinar, “The Promise of Data-Driven Healthcare: Megatrends for 2018.” During the session, you will:

  • Discover the healthcare megatrends driving the need for more targeted and actionable analytics.
  • Gain key insights into how these megatrends impact your ability to meet your strategic goals.
  • Learn best practices for navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with data and analytics megatrends.
  • Explore how healthcare leaders are strategically developing and implementing long-term plans for sustainable data and analytics capabilities.
  • Find out what the future holds for healthcare data and analytics—and what new developments mean for your organization.

The webinar took place on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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Valerie Barton, Managing Director, Manatt Health
Kevin McAvey, Senior Manager, Manatt Health


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