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    What Are the Potential Implications of Capping Federal Medicaid Funding?

    Key leaders in Congress and high-ranking members of the Trump Administration are proposing major changes to Medicaid financing through the adoption of a block grant or per capita cap. (The proposed American Health Care Act would convert Medicaid financing from the current guaranteed matching rate ...

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    How Will the Trump Administration Impact Healthcare Litigation?

    Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the repeal and replace process has begun. Whatever the outcome—whether an outright repeal or a partial rollback—significant changes would be triggered in existing healthcare law. How will healthcare litigation be ...

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    “Ban the Box” and Background Checks: Understanding Evolving Obligations

    Following a string of jurisdictions that have adopted “ban the box” legislation, employers must be ever vigilant about these laws’ complex compliance requirements, while continuing to be mindful of their obligations under the separate, but equally important, Fair Credit Reporting ...

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    Election 2016: Strategic Implications for Healthcare

    Election 2016 is over, and Donald Trump is the president-elect. Republicans maintain control of the House and the Senate—and now have 33 governors and control 70 of 99 state legislative bodies. What does the Republican sweep mean for healthcare at the federal and state levels? Which ...

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    Employment Law Webinar: Highlights From 2016 and What’s New in 2017

    In a complimentary webinar, Manatt attorneys will explore key developments impacting California employers and offer practical guidance to prepare for 2017. ​Topics to be covered include: New Laws: New regulatory and legislative changes and updates for California employers. Government ...

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    Gene Therapy: Understanding Evolving Coverage and Reimbursement Challenges

    Exciting advances in science have led to developing treatment breakthroughs—such as gene scripting therapies—that could represent the first potential cures for rare diseases and other life-threatening conditions. Gene therapies offer dramatic promise—but also come with high ...

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    Retail Environmental Compliance: What’s Next in the Regulatory Pipeline?

    Hundreds of millions of dollars in civil penalties paid to settle retail hazardous waste enforcement actions. EPA announces increased focus on retail sector as part of new retail strategy. The Toxic Substances Control Act overhauled for the first time in 40 years. Increasing Clean Air Act ...

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    Social Media for Healthcare: Optimizing Opportunities, Overcoming Legal Risks

    The rise of social media platforms has opened powerful opportunities for healthcare organizations to develop personalized strategies that engage consumers—and improve their health. The potential of these new platforms, however, can be offset by their legal risks. The emergence of ...

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    The Election’s Impact on Pharma: Preparing for Potential Scenarios

    The 2016 election will have a major impact on both federal and state healthcare policy. To be prepared for all the possibilities, it’s critical to understand the political dynamics that will be in play under each potential scenario—and what they will mean for the life sciences ...

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    "Manatt on Medicaid" Webinar Series: Reforming Medicaid’s LTSS System

    Medicaid continues to gain scale and importance—both as the leading source of health coverage for Americans and a driver of reform in the healthcare marketplace. To give you in-depth insight into the forces reshaping Medicaid, their impact on the future and their implications for ...