2016 Election Insights: What’s at Stake?

What's at Stake?The Candidates’ Positions on 8 Key Issues

The Election’s Impact on Pharma: Preparing for Potential Scenarios

2016 Election and Your Healthcare

In a new podcast, Manatt Health addresses the key questions critical to effective strategic planning—and explores how the healthcare agenda will change at the federal and state levels, depending on the election results.


The ACA’s Section 1332 Waivers: Will We See More State Innovation in Health Reform

2016 Election and Your Healthcare

To delve more deeply into the role states may play in driving innovation, download a free copy of our new paper for the National Institute of Health Care Management (NIHCM), “Section 1332 Waivers: Will We See More State Innovation in Healthcare Reform?”


To be sure your organization is ready for any outcome, Manatt Health will present a customized briefing on the impact of election 2016 on federal and state health policy to your team. The presentation examines the health policy positions and priorities of the major presidential candidates…considers what a Clinton or Trump Administration would try to achieve administratively and legislatively…describes the role of states under different election outcomes…plays out the dynamics under the four most likely election scenarios…and shares key takeaways and next steps. To schedule a briefing for your team, please contact:



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