Shaping the Future: Trends in Digital Media and Frontier Technologies M&A

With an increase in demand for digital content, as well as an influx of new advancements to meet these needs, media and technology companies are using M&A as a strategic tool to rapidly grow. Most acquirers are using M&A to enter new market segments, as they realize three options lie in front of them: expand into a new area, be acquired by a larger company, or get left behind in the high-tech modern world. In a new report, “Shaping the Future: Trends in Digital Media and Frontier Technologies M&A,” produced by Manatt Digital, a division of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, in conjunction with Mergermarket, senior global executives share their strategies and views regarding M&A in the digital media and technology sectors. The study shows that executives use M&A to penetrate new markets, emerging technologies are gaining positive traction in the market, integration is the most vital and challenging part of M&A and executives consider Scandinavian countries as the leading target for buyers among global opportunities.



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