What Is the Legislative Landscape for State Drug Affordability Boards?


In a New Infographic, Manatt Shares Highlights From Our Just-Released 50-State Survey on State Drug Affordability Boards. Click Here to Download Your Free Copy.

As federal legislative efforts to reform prescription drug pricing have stalled and states have felt increasing pressure on their healthcare budgets, a growing number are implementing or considering prescription drug affordability review boards or commissions to reduce drug spending. These “affordability boards” may become powerful new players in drug pricing—but many questions remain about their legal authority to set reimbursement levels.

Through a new survey of 50 states plus D.C., Manatt maps today’s legislative landscape for state drug affordability boards—and identifies the potential legal and market implications to come.

For a preview of key highlights, click here to download our free infographic showing states that have established or are considering boards, payers under their purview, and cost triggers by category.

The survey provides critical information for life sciences companies, health plans, state regulators and other healthcare stakeholders. Findings are available in two formats:

  • Standalone PDF.
  • Subscription to Manatt on Health, which gives you access to the complete survey results, as well as our premium content information service. Manatt on Health leverages Manatt Health’s knowledge in the Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplace, life sciences, litigation, digital health and privacy arenas to bring you a roundup of each week’s federal and state policy changes; detailed regulatory and subregulatory guidance summaries; and 50-state surveys across a range of topics, including 1115 waivers, 340B policies, telehealth, and our newest addition on how states are leveraging Medicaid managed care contracts and 1115 waivers to address social determinants of health.

With 17 states already authorizing or exploring the implementation of drug affordability boards through legislation, the survey is a critical tool for understanding today’s market and regulatory environment—and preparing for what’s next. For more information or to schedule an Manatt on Health demonstration, please contact Barret Jefferds at bjefferds@manatt.com



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