The Progress We Need: Ten Health Care Imperatives for the Decade Ahead

As we make the turn into the new decade, we at Manatt Health look forward with cautious optimism to what the coming years will bring. The level of citizen engagement in supporting our democratic institutions and the collective outpouring of effort to protect the right to vote, to beat back the pandemic, to join the fight against racial injustice and to improve access to health care are building blocks for the society we want to live in.

In the new report “The Progress We Need: Ten Health Care Imperatives for the Decade Ahead,” Manatt Health addresses the health care imperatives that we believe are critical for improving our health care system and advancing health equity. Each of these imperatives will need to be met while simultaneously bending the curve on health care cost growth by focusing on high-value care, reducing complexity and aligning incentives. It will require bold and activist leadership to meet these many challenges and deliver on the promise of a just health care system that will serve all with excellence, compassion and fairness.

The imperatives examined in the report include:

  1.  Ensuring access to coverage and care
  2.  Achieving health equity through collective and sustained actions
  3.  Stabilizing the safety net and rebuilding public health capacity
  4.  Addressing social determinants so as to improve health for all Americans
  5.  Helping our children reach their full potential
  6.  Innovating long-term financing and care models to promote living longer, healthier lives with dignity
  7.  Realizing the promise of virtual health
  8.  Advancing academic medicine
  9.  Delivering breakthrough treatments affordably
  10.  Securing health data and putting it to work

To access the full report, click here. To access Manatt’s infographic summarizing the ten imperatives, click here.



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