The Risk of Coverage Loss for Medicaid Beneficiaries as the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Ends

Prepared for The Commonwealth Fund

States are required to keep people enrolled in Medicaid throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency as a condition of receiving a temporary increase in the federal share of Medicaid costs. When the public health emergency ends, the enhanced federal funding will end, and states will resume administering renewals for Medicaid eligibility.

Nearly all 80 million people currently enrolled in Medicaid will have their eligibility redetermined, triggering a high risk of coverage loss that is almost certain to fall disproportionately on Black and Latinx individuals who have experienced significant harm and dislocation during the pandemic.

In a new blog post for The Commonwealth Fund, Manatt Health explains how Medicaid redeterminations can create a risk for coverage loss among eligible people and discusses strategies states and stakeholders can use now to prevent unintended coverage loss when the public health emergency ends.

Read the blog post here.



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