Developing Effective Artificial Intelligence Governance Models: Key Insights for Health Systems

This white paper was written in collaboration with UC Davis Health.

The recent explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) innovation allows us to begin to imagine a world where patients don’t need a “second opinion” because the first is informed by a near-instantaneous assessment of a patient’s situation based on real-time analysis of patient inputs (labs, images, notes, and others) compared against the experience of millions of patients with a similar phenotype, and the latest evidence.

An effective AI governance model will allow health systems to take advantage of innovative technologies, while mitigating risks to patients. Health systems that learn to adapt quickly will be best positioned to incorporate these AI technologies to offer even higher quality care to patients, support a better work-life balance for clinicians and streamline costly and cumbersome administrative processes. In this paper, we provide a perspective on the steps required to step up to this challenge.

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