• 11.01.23

    How Justices Could Rule On A Key Copyright Statute

    Manatt Entertainment Litigation Leader Robert Jacobs, Litigation Partner Prana Topper and Entertainment Litigation Associate Andrea Del-Carmen Gonzalez wrote an article for Law360 about how existing case precedent might inform how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on a fundamental issue under the ...

  • 10.31.23

    CMS Publishes 2024 Proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule

    Manatt Health Partner Randi Seigel, Managing Director Jared Augenstein and Associate Angela Haddon co-authored an article for Compliance Today on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) July proposed rule for the 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.  In the article, ...

  • 10.25.23

    Physical Takings Under Copyright Law

    In Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger’s latest column for Daily Journal, he discussed a recent case involving the federal government’s attempt at the physical taking of copyrighted works.  In the article, he explained how a small publisher successfully sued the ...

  • 10.10.23

    Why All Cos. Should Take Note Of Calif. GHG Disclosure Laws

    David Smith wrote an article for Law360 on new greenhouse gas emission and climate-related risk disclosures that will soon become required in the United States that will affect the financial services entities that led the charge on these mandates.  

  • 10.03.23

    Queasy as ABC (Appellate Bias Committee)

    In a column for Daily Journal, Benjamin Shatz discussed the rising number of bias allegations against judges, explaining how the Judicial Council’s new “Eisenberg Rule” and Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal Bias Prevention Committee are working to address misconduct concerns in ...

  • 10.03.23

    California Rule Shows Increased Scrutiny In Commercial Financing

    Manatt Consumer Financial Services Leader Scott Pearson, Partner Charles Washburn and Associate Eric Knight authored an article for Law360 detailing the increased regulatory scrutiny the commercial financing industry is facing in California and beyond.In the article, the authors discussed the ...

  • 09.27.23

    Airport Noise is Back in the News

    In his most recent column for Daily Journal, Michael Berger discussed the statute of limitations for claiming injury resulting from airport operations that impact neighboring property owners, and how changed circumstances such as increased noise level can restart this statute.

  • 09.14.23

    AI Adoption in U.S. Health Care Won’t Be Easy

    Robert Rebitzer co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review on how health care innovators can most effectively leverage artificial intelligence (AI), reduce switchover disruptions, and reap the benefits of this transformative new technology. 

  • 09.05.23

    Apostrophic Apotheosis: Whose fees are they, anyway?

    Benjamin Shatz and Benjamin Strauss wrote a column for Daily Journal about a judge’s footnote questioning the proper placement of an apostrophe and whether the phrase should be: “attorney fees,” “attorneys fees,” “attorney’s fees” or ...

  • 09.01.23

    Assessing Geographic Variation in Rates of Cervical Cancer and Recurrent or Metastatic Cervical ...

    Anthony Fiori and Nathan Pauly co-authored an article for the American Journal of Clinical Oncology in which they evaluated trends in the prevalence of cervical cancer (CC) and rates of recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer (r/mCC) treatment initiation among Medicaid enrollees. 



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