• 03.12.19

    The Music Modernization Act: A Songwriter's Guide to What Matters Next

    “The Music Modernization Act passed last October with much fanfare and excitement. But now, after the party, we are all looking at what that means, exactly. Here are a few areas to keep in mind as we move forward.”  

  • 03.11.19

    Mortgage Industry in Flux: Fewer Regulatory Headwinds, but Technology and Higher Interest Rates ...

    “We are experienced mortgage lawyers, not economists. But we can see the writing on the wall for our many mortgage industry clients, and it is not always pretty.The era of burdensome new regulation may be over, but tougher laws, rising interest rates and new technologies, such as ...

  • 03.06.19

    Invisible Justice

    “The ordinary appellate path is well-worn: First comes paper pushing (i.e., filing the notice of appeal, record designations, and otherwise ‘perfecting’ the appeal), followed by paper production (i.e., brief writing), then oral argument, and finally the big payoff, the written ...

  • 02.27.19

    The Amazon Deal: Above All No Zeal

    “The recriminations over the Amazon pullout have been as bitterly tribal as the debate over the project itself."

  • 02.22.19

    An Eighth Amendment Takings Case

    “We have a different kind of takings case for you today. This one involves the state of Indiana’s seizure of a $42,000 Land Rover SUV. Why is that a big deal? Two reasons."

  • 02.22.19

    Berger Writes for Daily Journal About Indiana Takings Case and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process

    Michael Berger, a partner in the appellate practice, wrote for the Daily Journal about a takings case in Indiana, and how it changed the Supreme Court’s Fourteenth Amendment due process jurisprudence.  

  • 02.12.19

    Infographic: The California Consumer Privacy Act

    Our Privacy and Data Security group has released a new infographic covering the central elements of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Check out the infographic below to learn more about this important privacy legislation as you prepare for compliance by 2020. Stay up to date with all our CCPA ...

  • 02.12.19

    Holy, Holey Rules!

    “The primal myth runs thusly: In the beginning, chaos blanketed the universe of California appeals." 

  • 02.12.19

    Does Brady Extend to Private Lawyers, Foreign Investigators?

    “More than 50 years ago, the state of Maryland convicted John Brady of murder without disclosing that Brady’s colleague had already confessed to the same homicide."

  • 01.30.19

    The Case of the Public Pissoir

    “I am going to skip our usual examination of the most recent regulatory takings cases because there is a fascinating land use case that comes to us from San Francisco.”