• 04.15.20

    Two-part Series: COVID-19 Redefines Commercial Leasing

    In a two-part Daily Journal series, Manatt Real Estate partners Grace Winters, Anita Sabine and Martin Steere, along with associate Alison Weinberg-Fahey discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting commercial leasing, the potential allocations of risk between landlords and tenants in light of ...

  • 04.13.20

    How Borrowers Can Respond to the Real Estate Downturn

    Manatt Real Estate partners Clayton Gantz and Steve Edwards, and senior counsel Tom Muller co-authored an article for Law360 on how borrowers in the real estate industry can protect themselves from a potential recession following the COVID-19 crisis. In the article, they suggest that borrowers ...

  • 04.08.20

    Examining California's Urgency And Emergency Powers

    Manatt government and regulatory partner Brandon Young and associate Jacob Itzkowitz co-authored an article for Law360 analyzing “what constitutes ‘urgency’ or an ‘emergency,’ and the requirements of these emergency powers under California law,” as more elected ...

  • 04.06.20

    Financing the Infrastructure of Accountable Communities for Health is Key to Long-Term ...

    Manatt Health partner Cindy Mann co-authored an article for Health Affairs alongside GWU Milken Institute School of Public Health’s Dora Lynn Hughes, where they conducted a legal and policy review to identify potential funding streams specifically for Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) ...

  • 04.01.20

    Conducting Internal Investigations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Manatt partners Jacqueline Wolff and Scott Lashway, and special counsel Matthew Stein co-authored an article for Law Journal Newsletters' Business Crimes Bulletin on how companies can prepare to conduct internal theft and fraud investigations for criminal activity that may result from the ...

  • 03.31.20

    What Government Contractors in California Need to Know About Force Majeure and COVID-19

    Manatt government and regulatory partner Brandon Young and associate Antoinette Bedros co-authored an article for Daily Journal examining force majeure clauses in government contracts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, Young and Bedros note that “now more than ever it is important to ...

  • 03.25.20

    An Overview of California’s Emergency Powers

    Government and regulatory partner Brandon Young and litigation associate Mario Cardona authored an article for Daily Journal on the emergency powers that state and local governments in California have following Governor Gavin Newsom’s March 4 state of emergency declaration in response to the ...

  • 03.24.20

    Medicaid can help as America faces the coronavirus crisis – let it

    Manatt Health partner Cindy Mann authored an article alongside Community Catalyst’s Emily Stewart for The Hill on why it is important for lawmakers to quickly expand access to affordable COVID-19 testing and treatment for those who already face unfair and discriminatory barriers to health and ...

  • 03.23.20

    COVID-19: Evolving Cybersecurity Considerations for Business

    Manatt’s privacy and data security practice co-leader Scott Lashway, counsel Kaylee Bankston and senior advisor Kevin Powers authored an article for Corporate Compliance Insights on the evolving cybersecurity considerations for businesses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they ...

  • 03.23.20

    Telephonic Outreach During Coronavirus

    Manatt’s Christine Reilly, John McGuinness and Danielle Newman authored an article for Law360 summarizing how the TCPA is being impacted by various state of emergency declarations around the nation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a recent declaratory ruling made by the FCC.



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