• 04.04.22

    Calif. Mileage Limits Won't Solve Housing, Climate Problems

    Manatt Land Use Partner David Smith authored an article for Law360 on how vehicle miles traveled (VMT) regulations in California are failing to reduce the state’s carbon emissions and are harming lower-class and middle-class workers who must drive to earn their paycheck. Smith discussed how ...

  • 04.01.22

    Looking Inward to Grow Outward: Five Keys to Managing Human Capital Through Hyper-Growth

    In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discusses the integral role human capital management plays in startups’ successful growth. Gutierrez notes that, although often overlooked, human capital is an integral component ...

  • 03.29.22

    California’s New Environmental Board Will Shake Up DTSC Oversight

    In an article for Bloomberg Law, Manatt Partner Matthew Williamson and Associate David McGrath discussed the creation of California’s new Board of Environmental Safety and its role in deciding appeals of the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) permitting decisions.According ...

  • 03.28.22

    The Unconstitutional Conditions Doctrine

    Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger authored an article for Daily Journal about how the unconstitutional conditions doctrine has historically affected takings law and how the Supreme Court has provided guidance on applying it to unique property cases.  In the article, Berger ...

  • 03.18.22

    NEM 3.0 Final Design Will Determine Fate of California’s Solar Market

    Manatt Energy and Environmental Senior Advisor Addison Berry and Manatt Real Estate Partner Elizabeth Levin co-authored an article for Daily Journal on “NEM 3.0," the California Public Utilities Commission's revised state net-metering framework, and its impact on the future of solar ...

  • 03.01.22

    Sci-Fi Lit(igation)

    In his latest "Exceptionally Appealing" column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz analogized the work of appellate litigators to science fiction's many subgenres, including parallel universes, time travel and space operas.Commenting on how litigators can ...

  • 02.28.22

    The Regulatory Taking Conundrum

    In his latest "Takings Talk" column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger explored the implications of what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas meant when he said, "If there is no such thing as a regulatory taking, we should say so. And if there is, we ...

  • 02.19.22

    The Great Reidentification: 5 Ways Businesses Can Lead Authentically in Our New Working World

    In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discusses how the Great Resignation is becoming the Great Reidentification, leading employees to reexamine and redefine their career aspirations to better align with their goals and values. He ...

  • 02.18.22

    5 Commercial Real Estate Trends Worth Watching

    Manatt Real Estate Partner Grace Winters and Associate Laura D'Iorio wrote an article for Law360 about commercial real estate trends for 2022 as the sector is confronted by unprecedented demand for housing, historic levels of inflation and a looming surge in interest rates.The five trends ...

  • 01.25.22

    Constitutional Takings by Animals?

    In his latest Daily Journal "Takings Talk" column, Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger discussed a case in which a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico issued a complaint alleging that the city negatively impacted the value of her property because it did not follow the proper ...



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