• 05.24.23

    Legislative? Administrative? Constitutional? Land-Use Law is in Disarray

    In his most recent column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger discussed California’s stringent land use policies in the context of a recent Court of Appeal decision in Sheetz v. County of El Dorado, and explored how the state has continued its efforts to limit ...

  • 05.22.23

    Carbon Capture and Sequestration – “Essential,” But Too Little, Too Late?

    Manatt Land Use Partner David Smith wrote an article for Energy Law Journal about the efforts to adopt carbon dioxide removal strategies and the necessity of enacting them to combat climate change and accomplish Paris Agreement objectives. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) consists of methods such ...

  • 05.22.23

    The Mirror Dimension: An Alternative View of an Alternate Reality

    Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger wrote an article for California Litigation focused on the nature and history of litigation involving the Government Claims Act and discussed how governmental entities do not have absolute immunity from liability despite the often-cited defense that all ...

  • 05.19.23

    Calif.'s Clean Truck Regulations Fuel Uncertainty

    Manatt Land Use Partner David Smith wrote an article for Law360 about concern over California’s ban on the sale of any medium- or heavy-duty truck that emits any exhaust. The zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate is a prominent regulatory step in California’s efforts to reduce the ...

  • 05.17.23

    Maintaining Coverage Gains During Medicaid “Unwinding”

    Patricia Boozang and Kaylee O’Connor co-authored an article for Health Affairs on how the collaboration of key stakeholders, including states as well as federal and community-based partners, will shape health care coverage and care during the “unwinding” period and for years to ...

  • 05.12.23

    5 Ways Startups Can Leverage Tech Layoffs to Attract Top Talent

    Kalon Gutierrez explored how startups can take advantage of the ongoing big tech layoffs to attract and retain newly available talent.  

  • 05.11.23

    Calif. Independent Contractor Lessons From Grubhub Suit

    Esra Hudson and Marah Bragdon wrote an article for Law360 on recent litigation in California addressing the employment status of gig workers, and explored lessons for independent contractors in light of the Lawson v. Grubhub Inc. decision. 

  • 05.09.23

    Could a Subscription Model Spur Innovation in U.S. Health Care?

    Robert Rebitzer and his twin brother, Boston University economist Jim Rebitzer, co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review explaining how incentives in health care can work against the development of valuable innovations. 

  • 05.02.23

    Not All Judges Have an Affection for Amici

    Benjamin Shatz and Associate Benjamin Strauss motions for leave to file amicus briefs in the federal courts of appeals, and detailed what to expect if a party withholds consent or even opposes such a motion.  

  • 05.01.23

    Patterns of Care and Health Care Resource Use Among Medicaid-Enrolled Women With Recurrent or ...

    Anthony Fiori and Nathan Pauly co-authored an article for the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy in which they evaluated treatment patterns and health care resource utilization (HCRU) among Medicaid-enrolled women with recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer (r/mCC).  



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