• 09.29.21

    ‘Too Big to Fail’ — The Sequel

    Michael Berger authored a column for Daily Journal, which examining the “too big to fail” theory from the 2007-2009 financial crisis, and stressed the significance of takings cases before the U.S. Supreme Court this term.

  • 09.07.21

    Titanic, Hindenburg, DIY Appeals

    In his latest ‘Exceptionally Appealing’ column for Daily Journal, appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz discussed self-representation in court, specifically on appeal. “In the federal courts, the right of self-representation has been protected by statute since the beginnings of our ...

  • 09.01.21

    What to Know About Ill. Student ‘Know Before You Owe’ Law

    Manatt Special Counsel Jonathan Joshua, Partner Bryan Schneider and Associate Madelaine Newcomb co-authored an article for Law360 on the Know Before You Owe Private Education Loan Act, which was signed into law on August 26 and is expected to pose significant compliance challenges for institutions ...

  • 08.25.21

    A Smorgasbord of Rental Takings Cases

    Manatt appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger authored an article for Daily Journal on Congress not extending a moratorium on evictions of residential tenants who had ceased paying rent amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent legal implications. Berger noted that the “Congressional ...

  • 08.16.21

    Key Funding Opportunities In Senate Infrastructure Bill

    Steven Polan, June DeHart and David McGrath co-authored a Law360 article on President Biden announcing his support for a $1.2 trillion bipartisan framework for investing in U.S. infrastructure over an eight-year period.

  • 08.15.21

    10 Things College Athletes Should Consider When Building a Business Based on Their Own Personal ...

    Kalon Gutierrez highlights the top ten things collegiate athletes should consider when building a business based on their own personal brand—which includes their name, image and likeness (NIL).

  • 08.13.21

    Anti-SLAPP Protections for Hospital Peer Reviews: Questions Linger

    Manatt Health Care Litigation Partner Barry Landsberg and Appellate Partner Joanna McCallum authored an article for Daily Journal about the California Supreme Court's decision in Bonni v. St. Joseph Health System, which provided missing clarification on the the scope of protection under the ...

  • 08.03.21

    Butting in on appeal

    In a byline for Daily Journal, Benjamin Shatz examined the Code of Civil Procedure Section 387, which governs court intervention in California, and how it impacts appeals in the state.

  • 07.22.21

    Debt Collection and CFPB Enforcement Trends to Watch

    Brett Natarelli and Madelaine Newcomb co-authored an article for Bloomberg Law on the debt collection practices and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement trend to look out for.

  • 07.12.21

    Controversial program targets warehouse emissions

    David Smith and David McGrath co-authored a Daily Journal article on The South Coast Air Quality Management District’s 2021 adoption of an “indirect source rule” regulating warehouse operations throughout its jurisdiction and why it could potentially spur litigation among ...



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