• 03.01.23

    Crim Div’s Enforcement Policy: What’s New for Companies Deciding Whether to Voluntarily Disclose?

    Jacqueline Wolff authored an article for Business Crimes Bulletin discussing when companies should consider voluntarily disclosing potential criminal misconduct in light of the recently announced Criminal Division’s Corporate Enforcement Policy (CEP).  

  • 02.23.23

    PA and NP Compliance Considerations for Providers

    Randi Seigel and Daniel Weinstein co-authored an article for Compliance Today about how health care providers that use physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) can ensure compliance with evolving state and federal regulations.  

  • 02.22.23

    Takings Law and Gig Workers

    Michael Berger discussed a Washington Supreme Court case at the intersection of gig workers, the COVID-19 pandemic and takings litigation: Washington Food Indus. v. City of Seattle in his most recent “Takings Talk” column for Daily Journal.

  • 02.18.23

    Generative AI is Here, Along With Critical Legal Implications

    Nathaniel Bach, Eric Bergner and Andrea Del-Carmen Gonzalez wrote an article for VentureBeat about the legal challenges of the rapidly growing generative artificial intelligence space. 

  • 02.07.23

    2022’s Top Federal Appellate Practice Cases

    In their most recent article for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz and Associate Benjamin Strauss review key federal appellate practice cases from 2022.  In the article, Shatz and Strauss discuss 2022’s most noteworthy federal appellate practice cases, including ...

  • 01.26.23

    CMS Updates Its Budget Neutrality Policy

    Manatt Health Partners Cindy Mann and Anne O'Hagen Karl co-authored an article for Health Affairs alongside the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health and Value Strategies program's Heather Howard, in which they discussed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ ...

  • 01.25.23

    Confiscating Equity Through Foreclosure?

    In his most recent “Takings Talk” column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger discussed a case out of Hennepin County, Minnesota that the U.S. Supreme Court will soon review and decide whether states that foreclose and take equity beyond delinquent taxes ...

  • 01.20.23

    Enhancing Access to Routine Vaccines for Adults in Medicaid

    Manatt Health Partners Julian Polaris and Helen Pfister and Associate Matthew Itzkowitz co-authored an article with Merck’s Alexandra Bhatti, Amanda L. Eiden and Anthony DiFranzo for Health Affairs on how policymakers can increase access to routine vaccinations for adults enrolled in ...

  • 01.03.23

    Interesting Times: The 2022 Appellate Year in Review

    In his latest Daily Journal column, Manatt Appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz provided his annual year in review, in which he described 2022 as the “most ‘interesting’ appellate year in modern times.”   Shatz discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic is ...

  • 01.03.23

    Capital Gains Election Will Keep Driving Music Catalog Sales

    Manatt Entertainment Partner Beau Stapleton and Tax, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Attorney Burak Ahmed wrote an article for Bloomberg Tax about how Section 1221(b)(3) of the tax code may continue to impact catalog sales over the next several years. They explain how musical ...



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