• 04.26.23

    Déjà Vu All Over Again

    Michael Berger discussed the issue of directly raising a Fifth Amendment takings claim under the Constitution, and how a recent Fifth Circuit decision strays from nearly four decades of Supreme Court precedent upholding the right to just compensation.   

  • 04.21.23

    Final 2024 Payment Rule, Part 3: Exchange Operational Standards and APTC Policies

    Tara Straw wrote an article for Health Affairs Forefont summarizing the provisions of the HHS’ final rule to update Plan Year 2024 standards for health insurance issuers and Exchanges under the ACA, including updated operational standards and Advance Premium Tax Credit ...

  • 04.11.23

    Top 5 Issues For Employers If Their Bank Suddenly Fails

    Esra Hudson, Richard McDerby and Lauren Chee co-authored an article for Law360on how employers can most effectively manage their employment practices when navigating the ripple effects of a sudden bank failure.  

  • 04.10.23

    The Road Ahead For AI-Generated Works And Copyright

    Manatt Partners Nathaniel Bach and Jessica Wood and Associate Sandra Bignone wrote an article in Law360 about recent policy guidance from the U.S. Copyright Office about how and whether it will register works that are created using AI and what the USCO’s statement means for creators and other ...

  • 04.06.23

    The US Patent Office Examination Needs Revamping. Here’s How.

    Irah Donner published an article inBloomberg Law outlining a way to change the USPTO’s current procedures to prioritize resources by eliminating the initial ex parte examination and only reviewing patents after an owner files an intent to enforce notification against an alleged ...

  • 04.04.23

    The Appellate Lawyer’s Bookshelf

    In Manatt Appellate Partner Ben Shatz’s most recent column for Daily Journal, he discussed the world of appellate books, how it has changed with the popularization of online sources, and offered suggestions on the best literature for appellate practitioners to add to their ...

  • 03.21.23

    Americans Should be Able to Register to Vote When They Apply for Health Insurance on HealthCare.Gov

    Manatt Health Partner Cindy Mann co-authored an op-ed for STAT, together with former CMS Administrators Andy Slavitt and Don Berwick, proposing that Americans should have the opportunity to register to vote when submitting an application for health insurance on HealthCare.gov.  In the ...

  • 03.10.23

    Exploding Vocabulary

    In Manatt Appellate Senior Counsel Michael Berger’s latest Daily Journal column, he discussed the controversy surrounding how certain language may be cited in court, using a recent appellate case which turned on the meaning of the word “development” after a Los Angeles-based group ...

  • 03.08.23

    The MetaBirkins Verdict: 5 Key Takeaways for Brands and Creators

    Nathaniel Bach and  Sherli Furst wrote an article for The Fashion Law about the recent MetaBirkins verdict and what artists and brands should know about the creation and monetization of digital assets going forward.  

  • 03.07.23

    Well, Recu-u-use Me!

    Benjamin Shatz wrote about the importance of recusing federal judges from disputes they may have an interest in and discussed how a recently established federal database of judicial financial disclosure forms may help both lawyers and judges. 



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