New SoundExchange Policies Will End Payments to Unauthorized Remixers

By: Natasha Azava | W. Joseph Anderson | Alex C. Spring
– Hypebot

Entertainment Partner W. Joseph Anderson, Senior Attorney Natasha Azava and Associate Alex Spring wrote an article for Hypebot about changes to the SoundExchange policies dictating how royalties are paid out on remixes.  

With remixes becoming easier to make, remixers and artists are often at odds with how the money from the works should be shared, especially when it comes to royalties that are paid to performers on a sound recording because both the remixer and the original artist are considered performers on the remixed track. SoundExchange, a U.S.-based nonprofit tasked with helping performers and owners of sound recordings in the U.S. get paid, implemented a new requirement that remixers be treated as any other third-party “creative participant,” similar to producers and mixers, on remix recordings. 

The new requirement will eliminate unauthorized remixers who remix recordings without the consent of the underlying recording’s featured performer(s) from erroneously sharing in the sound recording performance royalties from the remix.  

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