Pregnant Medicaid Beneficiaries Need Better Access to Prenatal Vaccines. State Reforms Can Help.

By: Helen R. Pfister | Julian Polaris
– Fierce Healthcare

Manatt Health Partners Helen Pfister and Julian Polaris co-authored an article for Fierce Healthcare on how states can help ensure that pregnant women covered by Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) have proper access to vaccines, including the recently approved prenatal respiratory syncytial virus vaccine. 

The authors highlighted the disparities for pregnant people covered by Medicaid and CHIP with respect to prenatal vaccination rates, as well as overall maternal and infant health outcomes. They then described policy levers within the Medicaid and CHIP programs to enhance prenatal vaccine access and uptake. 

Read the complete Fierce Healthcare article here. This article leverages the research findings and policy recommendations from Manatt’s 2023 white paper and webinar addressing Medicaid and CHIP policies on prenatal vaccines.



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