As U.S. Music Industry Revenue Accelerates, Do Artists Benefit?

U.S. Music Industry’s Revenue Growth Accelerates As Paid Streaming Subscriptions Rise 50 Percent
– Billboard

Billboard cited Manatt’s analysis on how streaming services and artists make money through online music streaming in a recent article about the U.S. music industry’s revenue growth. Last October, the publication featured an infographic by Manatt’s Jordan Bromley, partner in the firm’s entertainment and media practice, that breaks down U.S. streaming royalties.

The U.S. recorded music industry is seeing revenue growth accelerate in the first half of 2017, up 17 percent over the first half of last year, according to Billboard. Paid streaming subscriptions are also up 50 percent, but artists don’t necessarily reap the benefits of this growth. The publication pointed to Bromley’s analysis, which stated that it takes 58 hours of watching a music video on YouTube for creators to be paid $1.

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