Senate Contemplates Making Deeper Cuts to Medicaid

Trump Called House Bill ‘Mean’; Critics Say Senate Could Go Further
– CNN Money
CNN Money interviewed Manatt’s Jocelyn Guyer, a managing director with Manatt Health, for an article on the potential impact that the current Senate negotiations could have on benefits and coverage if lawmakers decide to make deeper cuts to the Medicaid program.
As CNN Money reports, the Senate is looking at slowing the annual growth rate of certain grants, which would then dramatically reduce federal support for Medicaid over time. Few states have the money to make up the difference. Instead, they would likely be forced to reduce enrollment by tightening eligibility and to cut costs by slashing benefits and provider rates.
"Legislatures can't cough up major new dollars that would have gone into education or infrastructure to back fill a federal hole," said Guyer.
Children could also see their benefits slashed since the cost of their healthcare has been growing at a faster pace than medical inflation, Guyer added.

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