Bachrach and Blum Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Abortion Restriction Laws and Regulations

Abortion Restrictions Weakening Cancer Care, Other Treatments
– Bloomberg Law

Manatt Health Partner Deborah Bachrach and Litigation Partner Ronald Blum were quoted in Bloomberg Law on the various abortion restriction regulations stemming from the Dobbs decision, and how the lingering effects continue to impact medical treatment across the country. 

In this article, Bachrach discussed exceptions to state abortion bans, highlighting their lack of clarity. “The exceptions have proven unworkable, so they really aren’t exceptions at all. They are not protecting pregnant women facing emergency medical conditions,” Bachrach said. 

Blum commented on the shield laws that almost 20 states have enacted, explaining that they seek to protect providers and patients from legal attacks. The shield laws create potential conflicts with federal laws, such as the US Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause and the Extradition Clause. And even with shield laws, medical professionals and patients face uncertain terrain in the legal environment relating to reproductive care. 

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